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Admission Policy (Undergraduate Schools)

Gunma Prefectural College of Health Sciences is seeking the following people for our students in order to achieve the university’s principles and objectives.

  1. People who have cultivated a well-rounded character and who demonstrate a profound interest in and understanding of humanity
  2. People who aspire towards self-reliance and who have an attitude of self-learning
  3. People capable of growing through their connections with other people
  4. People who demonstrate a desire to acquire specialized knowledge and skills as people aspiring for a profession in health care

School of Nursing

  1. People who have an interest in humanity and the environment and who have a desire to play a part in maintaining and promoting people’s health
  2. People who have an inquisitive mind when it comes to nursing and who are motivated to contribute to society

School of Radiological Technology

  1. People with the motivation and energy to resolve problems that they discover on their own through logical consideration and flexible thinking
  2. People who aspire to contribute to both international society and local communities through an interest in clinical radiology and the academic advancement of the field