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Graduate school

In recent years there have been considerable developments with the increasing sophistication and specialization of medical technology, and the demands placed on medical care for prefectural residents continue to grow more diverse as well. In the midst of this there have been growing expectations when it comes to cultivating in-hospital educational instructors for nursing positions and fostering human resources with the advanced knowledge and skills for the radiological technology sector.

Given such trends, Gunma Prefectural College of Health Sciences opened its graduate school (master’s courses) in April 2009 with the objective of contributing to raising the level of health and welfare in the region.

The graduate school contains the Graduate School of Nursing and the Graduate School of Radiological Technology.

Nursing Major, Graduate School of Nursing (Master’s Course)

* Cultivates human resources who will serve as practical instructors that engage in in-hospital education and management at places like medical institutions

Radiological Technology Major, Graduate School of Radiological Technology (Master’s Course)

* Cultivates human resources with advanced knowledge and skills who can deal with medical equipment that is constantly growing more sophisticated, such as CTs, MRIs, and that for heavy particle therapies