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Message from the Director of the Graduate School of Radiological Technology

In recent years there have been considerable developments with the increasing sophistication and specialization of medical technology, and the needs placed on medical care continue to grow more diverse as well. In the midst of this there have been growing expectations when it comes to cultivating in-hospital educational instructors for nursing positions and fostering people with the advanced knowledge and skills for the radiological technology sector.

Given such circumstances, Gunma Prefectural College of Health Sciences opened a new graduate school (master’s courses) in April 2009, which marked the fifth year anniversary since the founding of the school.

The graduate school incorporates various schemes to ensure that it is easy for working adults to learn in order to set the primary focus on educating them as professionals who will underpin the front lines of medical care. The graduate school offers classes that are designed to further deepen the student’s academic knowledge and skills in accordance with actual practice, which is a characteristic trait of the college. By doing so it aims to educate human resources who are capable of contributing to further raising the standards for medical care and welfare in the local community.