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Message from the Director of the School of Radiological Technology

The primary job of radiology technicians is to accurately image abnormalities within the human body through the use of radiation, ultrasonic waves, magnetism, and so forth, as well as to treat cancer via radiation and assist with the social rehabilitation of patients. Radiology technicians that are capable of flexibly and appropriately playing a role in medical care that continues to grow more sophisticated and specialized are indispensable, and there are ever growing expectations being placed upon them. For this reason they must have the sensitivity to bring forth their potential, autonomy, and comprehensive faculties for judgment. In order to foster such high quality health care professionals, they must be furnished with not only a general education, but also specialized knowledge, techniques, and attitudes.

The School of Radiological Technology is the first of its kind in Japan to provide students with an education via the systematic management of a school based primarily around full-time teaching faculty with a wealth of practical experience. We look forward to hearing from people with a desire to take pride in their work and who have aspirations regarding their work.